Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back to School

This past week, I went to my mom's school with her while we were running errands. When I first switched my major from Elementary Education to Youth Development, I felt a sense of relief. I knew that state testing would be my worst nightmare, and I wouldn't have the chance to teach children the things I truly wanted to teach them or do the activities I always dreamed of doing. However, when I walked into the school and saw how teachers decorated their classrooms, my eyes began to widen.
The picture above, as most Youth Development students at Rhode Island College would know, really stood out to me. One of the first things we learned in our YDEV courses was that students can be teachers, too! It was so nice to see this phrase from another person's perspective. It made me reflect on this past summer with my campers at Camp Broad Rock. I taught them how to do things such as braid hair or make gymp boxes, but they also taught me things like how to use Pokemon Go! 
Image result for handprints transparent
As for the picture below, I really felt like this board spoke to me in more ways than just academically. The way my mom's school is set-up, the classrooms are divided by these boards, and this particular one is set-up right outside of a classroom. This way, all children can see this and possibly try to have a better outlook on schoolwork the next time they want to give up or the next time they feel something is too hard. I also really like that the negative statements are in black and white, and the positive statements are colorful. I am constantly being reminded every day that your mindset defines how you live your life, and starting this way of thinking at a young age could help so many children.

Just from simply looking at decorations in a classroom, we know that: 

01. You can learn something new every day, whether it is from your teacher, your students, your campers, your siblings; anyone can learn, and anyone can teach.
02. Your mindset and your environment is everything. If you are surrounded by people that have a positive mindset, then you can have a more positive mindset yourself!

I hope everyone has a great first week
back at school!!